The Societe Anonyme under the corporate name “AKS Hotels S.A.”, hereinafter “AKS Hotels”, manages the websites www.akshotels.com and www.aksconference.com, hereinafter “the Websites”, and all information or data (e.g. photos, texts, graphics) contained in it, hereinafter “the Material”, with a view to present to the public information about the company and the services provided.

The use of the Websites and the Material shall be governed by these Terms of Use, hereinafter “Terms of Use”, as in force at any give time, which constitute the agreement between “AKS Hotels” and anyone visiting the Websites regarding their use, hereinafter “User or Users”.

Access to the Websites, in any way, and their use (including also mere navigation) shall imply full unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use by the User, as applicable at any given time.


AKS Hotels” reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use and any other rule governing the use of the Websites in its sole discretion, each time posting a relevant notice for their amendment on the homepage of the Websites. The Terms of Use shall mention the date of their last update.

The continued use of the Websites by the User also after such notice shall imply the acceptance of such amendments.

The use of the Websites shall be subject to the Terms of Use that apply at the moment of use. Users should periodically check the Terms of Use to be informed on their contents, and they are solely responsible for receiving this information.



In case the use of any service of the Websites is governed by special terms of use, they shall be considered an integral part of these Terms of Use. However, in case of conflict, the special terms of use for each service shall prevail.



With the acceptance of the Terms of Use, Users declare that they are adults over 18 years old, or, in case they are under 18 years old, that that they have received the necessary parental consent and that they will provide their particulars, if so requested. Those having parental responsibility over minors must protect them from access to contents addressed to adults and they are exclusively responsible in any other case.

It is “AKS Hotels’” policy not to control in advance the material or information provided by each user. “AKS Hotels” shall not be held accountable for any access through the Internet to information, goods and services contrary to law, standard business practices or which are unsuitable or inappropriate for some categories of persons and especially minors.

If users believe that the Material or part thereof violates in any way the user rights or third party rights, they may send a relevant e-mail at dataprotection@akshotels.com precisely specifying the Material or part of the Material they consider offensive and the reasons supporting such claim.



The Websites are used “as is”, subject to any modifications by “AKS Hotels”, without the user being able to make any modifications or other interventions.

AKS Hotels” tries in every way to make the use of the Websites safe and provide through them accurate, complete, valid, reliable and timely information. In any case, however, Users acknowledge and accept that, given the nature and the development of the services of “AKS Hotels”, as well as the nature and the technical needs of the Internet, the latter may not be able to exercise full control at any given time over all contents and over the security of its Websites and services.

AKS Hotels” is not bound nor does it guarantee or assume any responsibility whatsoever regarding the lawfulness or not of the use of its Websites by the Users and regarding the accuracy, fullness and timeliness of the contents of the Websites and their security. Therefore, Users agree that they must evaluate the contents and they are exclusively responsible for their actions based on the use of the Websites, including any decision to rely on the correctness, fullness and/or validity of its contents.

Users are fully responsible for the use of the Websites. “AKS Hotels”, its employees and its executives, its agents or any third party involved in the development, production or publication of the Websites are not liable, to the extent the law allows liability exclusion, for any direct, indirect, non-pecuniary, incidental or other damage, caused or connected with the use of the Website or the Material, including but not limited to the unintentional download of viruses from the Websites or the e-mails sent to/ from them.



The Websites may contain links to websites that belong or operate under the supervision of third parties, other than “AKS Hotels”. These links are provided only for the convenience of the User. “AKS Hotels” does not control and is not responsible for the operation, contents, privacy policies adopted or the security of such websites. For instance, “AKS Hotels” is not responsible if the Websites of third parties:

– violate third party rights;

– are not secure or are inaccurate, unfinished or misleading;

– contain viruses or other programs of corruptive nature.

AKS Hotels” does not adopt the contents or products or services provided by these websites and it is not connected to the managers of such websites. Where the Websites refer via “links” or hyperlinks to other websites, the owners and/or managers of these websites bear full (civil and criminal) liability regarding security, lawfulness and validity of the contents of their websites, excluding any liability of “AKS Hotels”, such as, for instance, the liability for violating intellectual and industrial property rights. If Users are connected to these websites, they shall bear themselves the risk for this connection and access, without any involvement of “AKS Hotels”.



Access to the Websites is possible from around the world. The Websites may refer to services that are not available in the country of each User. These references do not suggest that “AKS Hotels” intends to provide such services in these countries.

AKS Hotels”, which is a Greek company and is subject to Greek laws, controls, manages and is responsible for the operation of the Websites. Subject to the conditions provided in these terms relating the responsibility of “AKS Hotels” about the contents, “AKS Hotels” does not guarantee and accepts no liability if the Websites, the Material and/or services mentioned therein are legal in counties outside Greece. If users gain access to the Websites from any location outside Greece, they shall be exclusively responsible for their compliance with local laws.



Property Rights

The Websites, including their software, as well as the Material contained each time therein, are intellectual and/or industrial property of “AKS Hotels” and protected under the relevant provisions of the Greek, European and international law for the protection of intellectual and industrial property. Moreover, the composition of the contents and the arrangement of the information each time contained in the Websites belong exclusively to “AKS Hotels” and they are protected under the relevant provisions of the Greek, European and international law. No property rights on the Websites and the Material is hereby provided to the User, other than the powers of use expressly provided in these Terms of Use.

AKS Hotels” hereby expressly reserves all intellectual property rights in any and all information of the Websites, as well as of the Material, such as, intellectual property rights, industrial property rights on trademarks, products or services, trade names, distinctive signs etc.

Assignment of license – restrictions of use

Provided that Users comply with the Terms of Use and the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy, “AKS Hotels” hereby assigns free of charge a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable authorisation to gain access, load, display on the screen of their device the Websites and the Material and in general use them for the purpose specified in these Terms of Use. In that regard, each User acknowledges and accepts that the Websites and their Material is intended only for personal and not commercial use. Each User is entitled to download and/or copy and/or store any specific part of the Material of the Websites for strictly personal use and not for commercial purposes, without having to delete the indications of its origin and provided that he/she will protect any and all the property rights of “AKS Hotels” against any violation. For any other purpose, the above actions shall be allowed only with the written consent of “AKS Hotels”. Access to the Websites or any of the aforementioned actions shall in no way result in the creation of right, title or legal interest in any part or all the material of the downloaded and/or copied and/or stored Websites.

Apart from the permitted uses expressly mentioned above, the Websites and their Material may not be reproduced, copied, leased, sold, sub-licensed, assigned, transferred, exported, transmitted, broadcasted or distributed, partly or wholly, in any way by any User, nor be lent or be granted for use. In no case may the Websites be used for commercial purpose. Any modification, adaptation, adjustment, translation or any other change of the Websites and the Material and the creation of derivative works or improvements are expressly prohibited. Likewise, the disassembly, reconstruction or other attempt to obtain the source code of the Websites, the decompilation (except to the extent permitted under the law) are prohibited. Moreover, the creation and/or publication of a database containing important parts of the Websites, without prior express consent of “AKS Hotels”, is not allowed.

On the basis of the above, Users are bound not to create any derivative work and work based on the contents of the Websites, not to copy, reproduce, republish, upload, modify, broadcast, sell or in any way exploit, in whole or in part, the Websites, the software related to them or their Material. Furthermore, they are bound not to enter the Websites into index, not to frame them with another website, not to introduce them as link for direct access from another website in their internal information, not to copy their location to another server with their imaging and not to promise any right from the Websites to third parties, without prior express written consent of “AKS Hotels”.

Moreover, it is not allowed to proceed to actions ιntended to bypass or infringe security rules or content usage rules which are provided, applied or imposed by any functionality (including among others the digital rights management functionality) contained in the Websites. The use of the Websites for access, copy, transfer, encoding or retransmission of contents in violation of any law or rights of “AKS Hotels” or third parties is prohibited, as well as the removal, hiding or tampering of copyright, trademarks, statements or statements of other exclusive rights of “AKS Hotels” or third parties pasted or contained or accessed in combination with or through the Websites.

The use of Websites in any unlawful way, for any illegal purpose or in violation of applicable laws or regulations of the Greek law on intellectual property and similar provisions of the European and International Law is prohibited.

By using the Websites, users unconditionally accept, agree and consent to lawfully and properly use them, especially in accordance with the provisions hereof.

Any use of the Websites in violation of the Terms of Use is strictly prohibited and will automatically result to the termination of the above license. The license granted to the User may be freely revoked by “AKS Hotels”, without prior notification being required.

It is a fundamental principle of “AKS Hotels” to respect and protect the intellectual property rights of third parties. However, if the user believes that through the Websites his/her intellectual rights are violated, he/she may inform “AKS Hotels”, by sending an e-mail at dataprotection@akshotels.com by specifying the part of the Websites he/she considers offensive for his/her rights, as well as the reasons why he/she considers so.



For privacy protection and personal data management, please read the PRIVACY & PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY, which is an integral part of these Terms of Use.



The User agrees not to create or provide ways with which the participation in the Websites could be performed by other websites or in any way not approved by “AKS Hotels”.

The user commits and agrees not to use electromechanical equipment, computers or software or any other method not approved by “AKS Hotels”, which will affect the Websites.



Availability and Smooth Operation

AKS Hotels” shall make every reasonable effort for the maintenance and availability of the Websites. Users, however, acknowledge that the Internet is a non-secure medium and that the availability of the Websites may be affected by the equipment of the users, other communication networks,  providers of Internet connections, the large number of people trying to use the Websites simultaneously or other causes. Therefore, Users agree that “AKS Hotels” shall not be liable for the interruption of operation or abnormal operation of the Websites.

The Websites and “AKS Hotels” have no relation with the provision of Internet connections and Users remain solely responsible for the payment of any debts to the competent providers of the related services and ensuring access to the Internet.

Users agree and accept that “AKS Hotels” may modify and/or temporarily or permanently interrupt the operation of all or part of the Websites with and/or without notice to the Users. Therefore, “AKS Hotels” does not bear liability for any kind of damage due to the interruption of operation or abnormal operation of the Websites or inability of Users to access the Websites, pause of the whole or parts thereof, delay, non-delivery, interruption or poor quality of services or loss of their content or existence of any kind of errors. “AKS Hotels” does not guarantee that the Websites will be compatible with the computer, the hardware and the software of each User.



The intellectual property or other rights on the software that is available for visit of the Websites belong to “AKS Hotels” or to the providers/ licensor thereof. The User may need to sign a license with third parties providers of software in order to gain access to the information of the Websites. The ability of Users to access this information may depend on whether they have signed such licenses. The use of such software is governed by the terms of each licensing agreement contained in the software. “AKS Hotels” assumes no responsibility for the arrangement for such licenses. Users are recommended not to install or use the software if they have not received the relevant license. However, Users shall bear themselves the risk if they take such actions, despite the lack of license.



In all event, “AKS Hotels” reserves the right to temporarily or permanently interrupt the operation of the whole or part of the Websites at any time for maintenance or update reasons or for any reason, without any further liability.



Despite the fact that “AKS Hotels” uses its best efforts to protect the Websites from viruses and/or any other harmful or destructive files (or programs), designed to interfere, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or telecommunications equipment, it cannot guarantee that the Websites will never be infected by such elements. Therefore, each User shall take care of the integrity and safeguarding of their software and equipment, and “AKS Hotels” shall bear no liability in case of infection of the electronic equipment (software and hardware) of the Users by viruses and other harmful files, as aforementioned.



Users accept and agree to make lawful use of the Websites. Users, among others and without limitation, commit that with the use of the Websites:

  • they will not act in such a manner that prevents and/or makes impossible the normal and/or lawful use of the Websites and the other websites connected to it by other users
  • they will not act in such a manner to violate the intellectual or industrial property rights of “AKS Hotels” or any third parties (on the protection of the intellectual property read the Intellectual Rights Protection)
  • they will not act in such a manner to mislead any third party regarding the origin of the contents of the Websites and/or to damage in any way the reputation of “AKS Hotels
  • they will not install, forward and/or transmit in any way through the Websites software viruses and/or any other harmful or destructive files and/or programs designed to destroy or limit the operation of any software or telecommunications equipment or prevent other users from using the Websites,
  • they will not install or forward in any way stickers or commercials of any form not expressly approved by “AKS Hotels”, spam and in general they shall not proceed to forwarding unsolicited information in any way
  • they will not “upload” or transmit in any way material and information they are not entitled to disclose pursuant to the provisions of law or private agreements (e.g. confidential information)
  • they will not act is such a way so as to infringe any rights or personality of third party and especially in such a way so as to cause damage to a minor
  • they will not interfere or put at risk or cause in any other way damage to the Websites, the Material hosted by them, the source codes of the software thereof, the server where the Website is hosted and/or the networks connected with or accessible through the Websites or other websites connected with it.
  • they will not pursue any objective prohibited under these Terms of Use
  • they will not proceed to any actions that could constitute or encourage any conduct that could be considered a criminal offense, incur civil liability or otherwise violate any law
  • they will not publish or transmit any material with offensive, untrue, misleading, insulting, disturbing, defamatory, vile, immoral, pornographic or blasphemous content. “AKS Hotels” will fully cooperate with all law enforcement authorities and will fully comply with any judgment that will ask or order the disclosure of the identity of any person publishing or transmitting such information and material.
  • they will not collect e-mail addresses or other users’ information from the Websites by electronic or other means and with a view to proceed to unsolicited commercial or other communication with them
  • they will not upload, transmit, store or make available to the public in any way photos of third parties without their consent.
  • they will inform “AKS Hotels” as soon as they realize any unlawful or prohibited use of the Websites by third parties

It is expressly specified that the use of the Websites for advertisement or offers from the user is prohibited, unless otherwise expressly agreed by “AKS Hotels”.

The use of any component of the Material, apart from the use provided for in these terms of use, is strictly prohibited without written consent by “AKS Hotels”. In case of violation of the terms of use, “AKS Hotels” will make full use of the remedies provided under the law, including also the criminal prosecution.



In any case of violation of these Terms of Use, the Users shall be obliged to pay compensation for any incidental and/or consequential damage suffered by “AKS Hotels”. Failure of “AKS Hotels” to exercise its rights resulting from these Terms of Use will not be considered a waiver of such rights.

AKS Hotels” expressly reserves the right to oversee the application of these rules in its sole discretion.



The User agrees to protect, defend and compensate “AKS Hotels”, its partners, employees and in general the staff of “AKS Hotels” for any damage and expense whatsoever it may be suffered and resulting from or connected, directly or indirectly, to misuse of the Websites or violation of the Terms of Use by the User.



AKS Hotels” reserves the right to terminate without any penalty and without any further liability the agreement it concludes hereunder with any User, immediately and without notice, in case the User violates the Terms of Use or part thereof or fails to confirm any information the User provided within the framework of use of the Websites.



These Terms of Use, along with any other regulation they refer to or which are found in the Websites, shall be the entire agreement between “AKS Hotels” and any User regarding the use of the Websites. If, for any reason, any competent court considers any of these Terms of Use to be invalid and unenforceable, the validity of the other terms shall not be affected nor impaired.



The printed version of Websites and Terms of Use, as well as any correspondence in electronic format, shall be acceptable as evidence before court or administrative authorities.



These Terms of use and any modification thereof shall be governed by Greek Law. Athens courts shall be competent for any dispute which may arise from this agreement and which cannot be settled out of court.

All rights and remedies provided for in the Terms of Use are cumulate and do not preclude any other statutory rights and remedies.


For any question or clarification regarding the Websites, the Users may contact us at dataprotection@akshotels.com.